Kindness, Entrepreneurial, Experience & People

Our K.E.E.P. is our core values as a company. It is an acronym for Kindness, Entrepreneurial, Experience, and People. A major part of our values is our “Why”, which is a statement that describes our purpose beyond just operating as a business.

Our “Why” as a company is to build a company that provides an opportunity for people and a culture that allows for more than just “Dreams”. Our “Why” and K.E.E.P. work hand-in-hand in our daily lives and is crucial to the success and operation of our business.

Experience & People

Learn about the team that keeps Covalent Resource Group working. Each member of the team plays a crucial role in the development process.

The Covalent Resource Group team consists of Scrum Masters, QA Testers, Developers, Coaches, and Staffing & Consulting.

Covalent Resource Group is a professional agile delivery services company based out of Mount Clemens, Michigan. At Covalent Resource Group, we believe that relationships are key and place a focus on understanding the opportunity. This in turn allows clients employees, and recruits to focus on the fit.

Our team of experts have over 100 years of experience working within the technical space and providing strong technical solutions. If you are looking for opportunities and a strong sense of commitment, we are here for you.

Partners in your digital transformation.