With over a century of experience in IT and professional services, our core team is committed to helping businesses and individual professionals dream bigger and achieve success over the long term.

Ann Teschendorf, Founder & CEO

Ann Teschendorf, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Founder and CEO of Covalent Resource Group, Ann is a seasoned, innovative leader who looks to raise up those around her while finding new and creative ways to serve her customers. With over thirty years of experience in developing and selling strategic technical and staffing solutions, Ann is leading Covalent into the future by combining the power of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) with deep human expertise to revolutionize how work is done. She's also committed to her family and community; if she's not in the office, you'll find her at the local baseball diamond or gymnastics tournament cheering on her kids and their teams.

Steve Teschendorf, Partner & Chief Financial Officer

Partner and Chief Financial Officer Steve Teschendorf is a seasoned financial strategist who plays a pivotal role in optimizing Covalent's financial performance and sustaining strong growth. You'll also find Steve cheering his kids on to success in the classroom and on the field.

Steve Teschendorf, Partner & CFO
Ryan LaPensee, Partner & CTO

Ryan LaPensee, Partner & Chief Technology Officer

Partner and Chief Technology Officer Ryan LaPensee, MAQA, brings to Covalent his considerable expertise and insights regarding AI. Also the current CEO of PanOptic Intelligence, Inc., Ryan is a leader in applying generative AI technology to real-world challenges and opportunities and sees AI as a game-changing accelerant to human achievement. Ryan is a member of the Wayne State University Athletics Hall of Fame and was a professional baseball player in the Arizona Diamondbacks organization. Originally from Canada, Ryan resides in Michigan with his wife Nadia and their four children Jett, Dex, Lennox, and Zeo. He enjoys coaching youth sports and mentoring collegiate athletes in his spare time.

Robert Skinner, Fractional Chief Revenue Officer

Fractional Chief Revenue Officer Robert (Bob) Skinner is also the Managing Director for Future Now Services, a consulting and services company focused on digital transformation and Generative AI, along with other forward looking business opportunities. Bob most recently was VP of Product Marketing at Novo Insurance, leading all aspects of product marketing for a Silicon Valley based disruptive Insurtech. Previously he was the VP of Digital Strategy and Marketing Technologies at FordDirect. Bob has been a board member of the Direct Marketing Association of Detroit as well as a Techstar mentor.  Prior to joining FordDirect he led various entrepreneurial and technology ventures where he lived and worked across 4 continents and 2 exits. Bob is proud Michigan State University Spartan Graduate.

Robert Skinner, Fractional Chief Revenue Officer
Jodie Ferretti, Director, Talent  Acquisition

Jodie Ferretti, Director, Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition Director Jodie Ferretti brings a wealth of experience to her role, using her seasoned approach to identify, attract and retain top-tier technical talent. She possesses a deep understanding of industry trends and innovative recruitment strategies as well as how best to align an individual's talents and personality with a company's goals and culture. Jodie's skills also extend to helping her three children navigate college, the military, and the business world.

Bridget Travers, Director, Marketing & Content Strategy

With over thirty years of experience in publishing, content marketing, and product management, Marketing and Content Strategy Director Bridget Travers understands the ever-evolving landscape of digital engagement and how blending creativity with data-driven insights ensures that brand's voice is authentic and impactful.  And, if she's not travelling, she's on a walk with her rescue dog, Bella.

Bridget Travers, Marketing & Content Strategy

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Mike Lovelace

Principal, Business Advisor

Rushdee Hasan

Principal, Business Strategy

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