At Covalent Resource Group, we do research-first, prototype-fast, and deliver seamless designs.

Product Design

As product designers, we create products and services that provide outstanding usability while fully embracing your brand's personality.

What we offer

Product design is a defining factor for any digital product these days. We're focused on improving conversion and increasing customer engagement. You'll get instant feedback, rapid iterations, and a refined user experience because we connect your ideas with real people.

Good UI/UX design of a digital product leads to:

  • Higher conversion rates
  • Increased customer acquisition and loyalty
  • More insights from user engagement

Our Process

Product Design thinking is both a flexible & iterative process.

Gather Context

Before we get started with any project, we will sit down with you to understand the user problem and your business goals. To do this, we begin by gathering your high-level requirements and creating a product roadmap.


It's crucial to gather insights regarding your users, product, and industry when coming up with your users' solutions. We can gather insights by performing a competitor analysis, market research, user and stakeholder interviews, competitive benchmarking, questionnaires, and writing customer need statements.

Business Requirements

While solutions built are user-centric, the needs of the business goals drive them. It is essential to capture the intentions and goals of all involved stakeholder perspectives that influence your product. We look to establish the resources and efforts you are willing to invest in arriving at a final list of quantifiable business goals and identifying your product vision.

Usability Testing

The usability testing goal is to unveil areas of confusion and reveal opportunities to enhance user experience. It is essential to put ideas in front of users through prototypes, get their feedback, and refine the design. The earlier you test, the easier it is to make changes.

Low fidelity design

Low-fidelity (lo-fi) prototyping is an easy and quick way to translate high-level design concepts into testable and tangible artifacts. The most important role of lo-fi prototypes is to test and check functionality along with actively communicating with developers to assure technical feasibility.

High Fidelity

High-fidelity (hi-fi) prototypes appear and perform as similar as possible to the final product. Our team creates high-fidelity prototypes when they have a solid understanding of what the final build will look like. High fidelity designs help to pinpoint specific components to test. This allows you to get detailed feedback on specific design elements that would not be possible with pen and paper.

Why Hire Product Design Experts

Covalent Product Designers are experts and professionals who have intense knowledge designing products and ensuring they are customer focused.

What are the next steps?

Covalent Resource Group offers unique product design services to fit the needs of your business.

Professional Services

We can provide strategic contract and staffing services for your needs.

Project Work

We can provide full service end-to-end resources for your project.

Hybrid Solutions

We are able to combine elements of both professional and project services.

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