Covalent Resource Group Utilizes Empty Office Space as a Virtual Learning Center for Students During COVID-19 Pandemic

The start of the 2020 school year looked a bit different for many students in the Metropolitan Detroit area this year. For many students, they are starting the year off virtually and not in the classroom. Like the students, the employees of Covalent Resource Group were working remotely and have the option to do so well into 2021.

The remote workforce left the Covalent Resource Group’s top floor and the perfect place for one group of metro-area Detroit students to study safely. “Another mother had the idea, I simply supplied the space,” said Ann Teschendorf, President of Covalent Resource Group. The need was clear. Students needed space to study safely. Not every parent has the flexibility to stay home with their students, and Covalent Resource Group gives these students a clean, socially distanced space to help parents out.

“It is overwhelming for parents required to physically go into work but expected to monitor their child’s daily education,” said Jill Mattes, Vice President at Lakepointe Insurance Agency, Inc. “I talked to Ann about a solution for our children, and she immediately offered the unused office space. This setting keeps the children in smaller groups during the pandemic and allows parents to take turns proctoring the students,” Jill explained.

Student Safety is Priority

One conference room has been converted into a study space for the younger students with their desks more than six feet apart, and the second open office space is for the high school students so they can have their area with desks six feet apart. The offices are cleaned every day and throughout the day. Everyone wears a mask, and there is a kitchenette for food and lunch storage. The students all help by keeping their workstations wiped down and clean and obey the social distancing rules set forth by the Covalent Resource Group.

“It has been fun having the students in the office to watch them learn together, plus they are exposed to an office setting, and it has sparked some interest in the students to explore new professions,” said Ann Teschendorf. There are three people in our office on the main floor who run the Human Resources, Recruiting, and Sales and Marketing departments for Covalent Resource Group.

#CovalentCares Initiative

This is not the first time Covalent Resource Group has supported students during the COVID-19 pandemic. In June, to celebrate a milestone in the company, Covalent Resource Group kicked off a 50 for 50 campaign celebrating 50 Class of 2020 graduating seniors. They honored the group by commemorating their high school achievements and plans along with a photo online. “Supporting our kids and our community is a top priority,” Ann Teschendorf said. “When I started this company two years ago, one of the first initiatives I implemented was #CovalentCares because businesses need to play an active part in supporting their communities and the people in them.”

Although it isn’t clear how long the two-room schoolhouse on the Covalent Resource Group office’s top floor will last, one thing is sure; Covalent Resource Group will support the students and their employees safely for as long as there is a need.

Author: Michelle Travis, Marketing Consultant, Covalent Resource Group

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