Human + AI: The Future of IT Resourcing

What a month so far!

Lots of great developments here at Covalent, but at the heart of it is seeing, and taking the first step into, the future of IT resourcing and development. At Covalent, we know that the real magic of AI is how it opens a whole new world of possibilities by allowing humans to be more creative and do more with that creativity (our new CTO, Ryan LaPensee likes to call AI a human "accelerant").

And that's why we've launched COPA AI. Covalent will always be in the business of bringing the best human professionals to your organization to solve your hardest problems and create your best online products. But now, with PanOptic's AI-driven "cyber assistants," those humans (and your humans) can work on a completely new level, limited only by their own creativity.

Read our announcement below to catch up on all the news, and look for more posts here about AI and the future of IT resourcing.

It's going to be quite the ride!


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