Under New Ownership, Covalent Resource Group Expands Services

Ann and Steve Teschendorf retain 100 percent ownership of a leading professional services company.

Covalent Resource Group, a leading professional services and software development company, announced that the business is officially owned and operated by Founder and CEO Ann Teschendorf and her husband, Steve Teschendorf.

Along with the organizational transition comes the addition of new services that include expanding their professional services to expand IT staffing positions, Human Resources consulting, Digital Marketing, and Social Media management.

“This is an inspiring time for our company,” said Ann Teschendorf, one of the company’s original co-founders. “This transfer of ownership allows the company to maintain our strong K.E.E.P culture that provides limitless opportunities for our employees and our customers.”

The K.E.E.P culture is based on Kindness, Entrepreneurial, Experience, and People, describing its purpose beyond just operating as a business. This concept has turned Covalent Resource Group into a multi-million-dollar company in only two and a half years. “Watching the evolution of the company over the years has been inspirational,” said Steve Teschendorf, Chief Financial Officer, and new co-owner of Covalent Resource Group. “We believe that relationships are key and place a strong focus on understanding the business opportunities that present themselves from the right fit, true solution standpoint. Covalent Resource Group isn’t the typical product-first approach you see in the IT industry.”

The expansion of IT staffing, Human Resources consulting, Digital Marketing, and Social Media management services comes from its agility. “During the COVID-19 lockdown earlier this year, we leveraged the agile mindset and approach we use with our customers to uncover new opportunities,” said Ann. “We could respond quickly, deliver quality work, and personnel resources to a new customer subset. We decided to keep the services permanently. I’m proud of what our team has accomplished over the last two and a half years, and I’m committed to ensuring the continued growth long-term.”

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