Press Release: Covalent Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary

Covalent Resource Group Celebrates 5 Years of Delivering IT and Business Solutions in a Challenging World

Mount Clemens, MI, For Immediate Release

Covalent Resource Group (CRG) announces its fifth anniversary as a woman-owned business bringing people, processes, and tools to the IT space and beyond.  

Founded in 2018 by Ann Teschendorf, Covalent Resource Group began as a technical staffing and services company focused on agile software development. CRG has since grown into a full business services firm with over 20 staff serving Fortune 500 companies and small startups alike. A certified WBENC™ Women’s Business Enterprise and one committed to diversity, CRG provides IT development support—including agile coaching, staff augmentation, technical debt review, requirements gathering, and data analytics—as well as marketing services and sales coaching.  

“Even though we started off small, we knew we had the skills and experience to solve the hard problems companies faced when it came to IT,” observed Teschendorf, “but we wanted to bring something new to the table. And that was our focus on communication and teamwork. So often software—and other—projects fail because the human factor hasn’t been considered. You can have the best technical expertise out there, but a team can only soar when the right relationships and communication strategies are in place. CRG can and does bring all three components together.”

While the COVID-19 global pandemic brought its share of challenges, Covalent Resource Group kept focused on moving their customers forward, despite being in new, uncharted territory. “We had to be flexible and creative.” said Teschendorf. “The entire landscape of how we approach work changed, and we chose to see it as an opportunity to think differently. And we continue to do that today.”  

As business and work itself has changed, Covalent Resource Group has sought out IT experts and other key personnel whose flexibility, professionalism, and positive attitude will ensure the success of any project. Covalent, in turn, is proud to make an ongoing, long-term commitment to them, by pairing them with opportunities that best match their skills and ambitions, and through our benefits, coaching, and transparent communication.  

“We know where we’ve been as a business over the last five years and what it’s taken to succeed up to this point," said Teschendorf. “I see an even brighter future for us. Keeping it simple, keeping it focused, and building the best, most creative team possible will only result in further wins.”

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